After many years of neglecting her health and fitness Shelley now has a fabulous exercise regime and nutritional program for her body eating super foods and other foods she loves, in moderation.  Shelley only specialises in simple and safe time efficient exercises by keeping everything functional. She works with business minded clients aged 30 years plus by holding them accountable for their own health and fitness goals and engaging in a direct and fun manner. Shelley likes to use a hands-on approach to correct clients’ form and technique.

ABOUT                             SHELLEY ANN MOORE

                                                                       Owner  -  Phoenix and Moore


Shelley Ann Moore just loves meeting new people, better understanding their goals and tailing a solution that will see them achieve some great results. In her younger days, when Shelley didn't really think about the consequences of enjoying the good life she never really thought about the importance of overall well-being. As a busy mum who still enjoys getting out and doing things she realised that people have busy lives and juggling the work life balance is often very difficult. However, by really understanding each person’s specific needs, she likes to make the well-being journey both challenging & fun.

Shelley has completed a business diploma and certificates three and four at Max International College for fitness professionals and subsequently worked for Les Mills for 5 years, for herself for 3 years and at Vision Personal Training for 1 year.

Takapuna , Auckland

(021) 159 5372